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Celebrating Our Women in Construction

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McCarthy & Company Celebrates Our Women in Contruction

We are fortunate to have so many brilliant women working at our firm. As we celebrate Women in Construction Week 2021, we would like to introduce you to four special women that we are honored to have on our team to serve you. Each one of them goes above and beyond every day for our clients to help them strengthen their financial positions, grow their businesses, and become more profitable. 

This year we are celebrating Kyrstin Mackrides, CPA, MST, Manager, Monica DiPaola, Manager, Cristina Houston, Senior Associate and Natalie DeYoung, Associate. Please take a minute to read a little bit about these remarkable young women.

Marty McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP
Managing Partner 

Why do you like working with construction contractors?  

Kyrstin: “Contractors are generally highly organized and timely. In their line of work, events transpire on a predetermined schedule (not to say glitches do not occur). I very much appreciate working with others who thrive in that sort of environment.  Also, construction accounting is a specialized type of work that challenges me daily.”

Monica: “Our construction contractor clients depend on us to help grow their business and make sound financial decisions. Being involved in a firm that is their go to trusted advisor, and watching our clients succeed is as rewarding as it gets!”

Cristina: “I enjoy working with construction contractors because I value their skills on the specific trades and how there is always something new to help them with financially.”

Natalie: “When I was old enough to join my family’s business, I jumped at the opportunity and it is where my knowledge of construction accounting was developed. I have always been a problem solver and am eager to assist clients meet their goals and find the best solution to meet their needs. I enjoy working with contractors because the industry and its economic dependence, is always changing.”

What piece of advice would you give contractors on how to strengthen their financial position, grow their  businesses, and become more profitable? 

Kyrstin: “Make sure that you are aware of and knowledgeable about the available tax methods and elections specific to construction contractors.  Substantial tax dollars can be saved by utilizing these approaches.”

Monica: “Focus on internal and external benchmarking as a tool for performance improvement.  This can increase efficiency and ensure the company is performing at is highest possible level.”

Cristina: “Some advice that I would give contractors to strengthen their financial position and grow their business would be to have better pre-job planning, organization, and timely management during the execution of their projects.”

Natalie: “The one piece of advice I can give a contractor is the importance of tracking and maintaining job cost in a  timely manner. An accurate job cost can help the contractor indicate the profitability of a contract at any point in time and if the company is on track to meet its budget and completion deadline. This helps aid in the bidding and estimating of future projects, and therefore the overall health and success of the company.”

How can women change the trajectory of the male dominated construction industry? 

Kyrstin: “Over the years, women have made significant progress in construction.  It will take those women in higher level positions to encourage and promote the growth of other women in the industry.  In a male-dominated field, women must earn respect to be taken seriously in these roles.  Perhaps offering mentoring programs to young girls could help to change the widely held perception that construction is only a male profession and could instill in them the belief that a career in construction is possible.”

Monica: “Woman can bring a diversity of ideas, after all, what makes us different makes us stronger.  Working in the construction industry, an imperative skill is problem solving. Problem solving requires diversity of ideas and woman can add a unique perspective.”

Cristina: “I would encourage women to take more risks and stay informed on the changes within the construction environment so that they can be more involved.”

Natalie: “Contractors are aware that projects require collaboration from many levels of management to ensure success; from upper management to laborers. Women are naturally more cooperative and communicative. By adding women in leadership roles, a contractor can not only benefit from this different perspective and talent, but also provide the company with a role model. Only when a company enforces a culture that encourages respect and support of women in leadership rolls, can they eliminate the stereotypes associated to the industry.”
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